Mark your Calendars for our very first ever

Orphan Art Sale!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Have your tastes changed? Downsized? Received an artwork as a gift that’s really not your style?

Well then, the Orphan Art Sale is for you!

Save the date of August 18 of NEXT YEAR and bring us those original artworks you want to give up (for whatever reason, no judgements here) and we’ll turn them into support for our Education & Public Programs.
You’ll also get an opportunity to check out everyone else’s “Orphan Art” and maybe take home a piece or two to fill those blank spots you just made. So, over the next year, as you’re cleaning and rearranging, consider making an Orphan Art pile to donate to DVAC next Summer.

The Orphan Art Sale will be open to the public; however, artists will not be permitted to sell their own works. Art owners will be limited to submitting 10 works and all work must be original (no posters/mechanically produced works). There will be several options to donate a portion or 100% of sales to DVAC. Members will be invited to a Preview Reception the evening prior. Watch for more details to come!