Current Exhibition

 Digital Abstraction                                   

January 16 – February 27, 2015 

Curated by the late Jud Yalkut, co-curator Tom Baggs, organized for DVAC by Tess Cortes 

Opening Recpetion: Jan 16, 5-8 p.m. 

Gallery Talk: February 26, 6:15 p.m. 


This exhibition marks the 20th anniversary of Computer Art: An Ohio Perspective exhibited at DVAC in 1993 and co-curated by Jud Yalkut and Tom Baggs.  The conclusion:  A lot has happened in 20 years.

Artists have benefited from the commercialization of digital technologies: computers (faster, smaller, multipurpose), software, video editing and production tools, printers, service bureaus (who can print on anything), book publishing (print and e-book), the internet (work from home, cloud tools), cell phones, and social media are now the daily fair for life in the future with the view from 1993. 

From the glowing screens of computer monitors and camera viewfinder windows, the twelve artists in Digital Abstractions create and manipulate data just as a painter might mix paint on a canvas.

As painters are inspired by the landscape (mundane or magnificent) and driven or haunted by the issues that bombard them, so too is the digital artist.  The digital camera now allows an artist to “sample” and “filter” their digital lyricism for our experience.  Tom Baggs, Jim Shupert, Lisa and Benjamin Britton, Netta Bits, Andy Snow, Nancy Willman all incorporate some aspect of the “seen” world in their “unseen”, non-objective or random realities.

McCrystal Wood, and Wynne Ragland, take the “unseen” experience and create realities of reference, challenging us to find a place in our minds where the “unseen” seems familiar.  Wynne remarked that his images are actually a return to the work he was creating during the first exhibition 20 years ago. “Think and wonder, wonder and think” (Dr. Suess) was one of the quotes of the “Paint Box” era, says Ragland.  Today the digital medium allows the artist access to the time when the work was fun”.

Time, the medium in which all of our lives exist, becomes both the medium and message in the astounding work of Ansen Seale who both invented a new slit scan camera technology and used time to gather his vision into the fluid experience that his prints display.

The moving digital image will be represented by the installation works of Netta Bits (Tess Cortes) with her evocative shifting landscape juxtapositions and abstractions.  Walter Wright shares his experience in “Riverwalk” and a collection of video works by Jud Yalkut has been selected.

In addition, DVAC will present a small selection of Jud Yalkut’s media mythology collages along with a collection of his video works from the Experimental Television Center.  An on-line performance in Second Life by Tom Baggs (Particle Tom) is scheduled in February.

Presenting Exhibition Sponsor: The Cortes Family

Education & Public Program Sponsors: Dr. Bob Brandt

Digital exhibition catalogue available at

Featured Artists: Tom Baggs, Benjamin Britton, Lisa Britton, Netta Bits, Wynne Ragland, Jr., Ansen Seale, Jim Shupert, Andy Snow, Nancy WIllman, McCrystle Wood, Sherman Walter Wright and Jud Yalkut.